Reach your ​healthy, comfortable weight ​with the only mentor-guided program that transforms your life from the inside out.

Hi! We're Dr. Avery Carpenter ​& Christy Brennand. 

We help people reach their
​healthy weight and keep it off for good.

A smarter, happier weight loss program.

Are you ready to step off the dieting roller-coaster and step into a life you intentionally create?

So, what is More Heart, Less Body?

More Heart, Less Body is the only mentor-guided, 9-month, step-by-step, weight-loss program for people who are ready to lose weight once and for all.

It's not a quick-fix, lose-weight-fast ​kind of program. 

  • ​It's a transformational, small-steps process that gives you the tools and support to finally ​reach your ideal, comfortable weight and keep it off forever— with ease.
  • ​It’s the only program that focuses on making lasting changes from the inside-out.
  • ​It’s a holistic, step-by-step process (using the More Heart Method) that teaches you exactly how to break free from old habits that no longer serve you.
  • ​It's a ​remarkably different approach that helps you design a new lifestyle— naturally transforming your body into ​your ideal, comfortable weight that is easy to maintain for life!
  • ​It's a heart-centered approach with a proven scientific foundation.

Meet your mentors:

Christy Brennand & Dr. Avery Carpenter 

Hello! We’re Christy Brennand and Dr. Avery Carpenter.

We help people lose weight (and keep it off) — naturally.
Christy Brennand

Christy Brennand is a holistic nutritionist, health coach, writer, real-food fanatic, professionally-trained cooking instructor, novice gardener, and a teacher of things that really matter— like feeling great in your body, finding unshakable happiness, and knowing unconditional love when you see it.

Dr. Avery Carpenter

Dr. Avery Carpenter is a highly-skilled Functional Health doctor, happiness mentor, insatiable student of health science, and a gifted healer who helps people all over the world reverse chronic health issues. She’s helped thousands of people get healthier and lose weight since founding her functional health practice, New Leaf Health and Wellness, in 2009. 

All you need is the right approach.

So, how is More Heart, Less Body different?

More Heart, Less Body is the only 9-month, mentor-guided, step-by-step program that gives you the tools, support, and kick-in-the-pants you need to lose weight and keep it off forever.

We’ve taken our work, research, and the results of working with thousands of people and distilled it into the most effective strategies for achieving permanent weight-loss success.

When you apply the More Heart Method to your life, you’ll discover a deep sense of happiness and joy, you’ll have less stress, more meaningful relationships, and you’ll lose weight in a way that ensures you'll be able to maintain your new comfortable weight forever— without struggling or yo-yo dieting.

As you start the program and begin learning the principles of the More Heart Method, you’ll discover you have way more energy for doing the things you love, spending time with the people you care about, and launching your gifts out into to the world.

Plus, with More Heart, Less Body, you’ll have a whole lot of fun in the process, be surrounded by supportive people who understand your challenges— and, you'll have the two best mentors making sure you stay connected and keep making progress.

We've helped thousands of people get healthier, move better,  and lose weight. 

If you join us, we'd like to help you, too!​

Small steps over time = forever weight loss.

​We help people reach their ​
​​healthy, comfortable weight ​and keep it off​ for good.

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